The SAFE mission is to provide bespoke, comprehensive security solutions for our clients and their assets.  Leading technology, reliability and preventative strategizing allows early detection of threats, immediate isolation of the client, and comprehensive documentation and mitigation of the threat using a beyond military grade, proprietary, “perimeter-to-person” approach, protecting our clients, their assets, and their right to peace of mind. SAFE has a fifty-year demonstrated history of providing unparalleled protection for high profile clients, heads of state, private residences, corporate headquarters, superyachts and more.  We deliver Strategically Armored and Fortified Environments by implementing customized security solutions that are uniquely designed to meet each client’s needs to an exacting degree. Our global team of highly trained security professionals are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve by utilizing the latest technologies and industry best practices to provide the most effective protection possible.  We strive to set the standard for excellence in the industry and are dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations.

The Team

Todd Parrot

Vice President, Tactical, Hardening & Ballistics

Naomi Corbi

Director, Business Strategy & Medical Preparedness


About Us

SAFE provides customized security systems using advanced technology for early threat detection, swift client isolation, and thorough mitigation. With 50 years of success, we’ve safeguarded high-profile clients, governments, residences, and headquarters globally. Our expert team delivers tailored security solutions, staying ahead with the latest technologies to set industry standards and surpass client expectations.

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